Theme-Free Living : Let’s Talk About Nothing

The past has no power over the present

You know those scenes in action movies where the hero rolls under the gigantic steel door just before it slams shut? That’s how I’m getting this April blog in….just under the wire. And not because I’ve been out saving the world. More like I’ve been saving myself. From what or for what has been unclear. So unclear that the only theme I considered for April was THE UNKNOWN. But since the unknown makes me uncomfortable, I scrapped that idea.

I decided instead to just let April be what it was, a month of change, full of eagerness and impatience. and marked by lots of waiting.

April was theme-free. Or maybe the theme was NOTHING which, taken literally, means no single thing. As an adjective, nothing means of no value, but I reject that. I find plenty of value in nothing.

I value it so much, that while I worked to finish my book proposal, I vowed to let nothing distract me.

I took my kids on vacation to the East Coast, where I was happy to do nothing but stare at the sea.

I celebrated my birthday with friends and the wonderful feeling that there was nothing I would rather be doing.

Nothingness has its place. But it’s not always easy to live theme-free. So after my month of focusing on no one thing, I’m ready to set an intention for May.

May 1st is May Day, traditionally a day to celebrate spring with baskets of flowers and a non-sexy form of pole dancing. But the word Mayday makes me think of a call for help, so my theme this month will be The Big Ask.

We’ll look at the most basic step in manifesting what you desire—ASKING—and take a look at why most of us are so uncomfortable doing this.

What could be better after a month of laying low? The answer is: nothing.