Let’s be in Love

I once had a thousanddesires, but in my (1)When I declared that February’s theme would be LOVE, it was with an ‘oh won’t this be fun?’ attitude. After all, a more universal or more important topic doesn’t exist. There’s so much to write about!

Yikes. Now that it’s time to pin those those warm, wispy feelings to the page, my excitement has turned to fear. What is there to say that hasn’t been said? And what do I know about anything? I sit down to write and my palms turn sweaty. I need to go shower, get dressed, find a new hairstyle. I need to make myself better before I can venture out on the internet.

Hmmm…my date with the blank page is feeling a lot like, well, a date. How quickly the rosy glow of love and attraction is overshadowed by resistance and doubt.

Will I be the best version of myself?

How much of me do I dare to show?

Will you get me?

I’m a dreamer and romantic, and I know, like John Lennon says, that I’m not the only one. For us dreamers, the desire to know and be known, to share and connect, yes, even to sometimes draw hearts and flowers in the margins of our journals, pulls us through. So I’m willing to push past the fear and dive into love, because, above all,  I desire to know you.

So, with the brilliance and beauty of the poet Rumi’s words lighting our path, I hope you’ll share your stories and comments about love this month, either here or on my Facebook page. I hope you’ll share in my infatuation, which is defined as foolish or unreasoning passion.

Let’s be foolish together.

Because love inspires an energy of lightness, fun, and joy. So rather than seek answers in this thing that permeates our souls, propels us forward, and brings us to our knees, let’s laugh a little. Let’s cast shy glances at it, and wonder at its possibilities.

Let’s be in love. With ourselves. And with each other.

Big kiss:)