Guest Blog: Permission to Love!


I have worked with Barry and he is the real deal! He’s insightful, knowledgeable, and incredibly supportive. Thank you Barry, for sharing your widsom.

 Are You Giving Yourself Permission to Find Your Soulmate?

By Barry Price, Dating Mentor and Coachville-Trained Life Coach.

Have you ever asked yourself why it’s so hard to find the right guy? Why there have been so many ups-and-downs, disappointments and days-and-nights spent waiting, wondering and hoping? Or are you maybe even beginning to lose hope? Well, here’s the thing: you have a choice — and finding the right guy or not depends entirely on you making this choice. You must choose whether you believe that love is something that finds you by luck, stumbling across the “right person” finally, OR whether you are ready to give yourself permission to find the right man.

That’s right. Give yourself PERMISSION.

What do I mean? Well, if you’ve had a long string of bad “luck” with men then chances are you have an actual man “pattern”. A pattern is not the same as luck. Luck is random. A pattern repeats itself, the same way, over-and-over again. Maybe your pattern is that you attract men who seem great at first, but pretty soon you realize they are emotionally-unavailable. Or you may have a pattern of things starting off fantastically, and then somewhere along the line you feel a ‘shift’ in the relationship. Suddenly you feel compelled to get out, or you lose interest. Perhaps you are one of those women who become ceaselessly anxious that HE may want to get out or that HE is losing interest. Many other women oscillate between settling for a guy who doesn’t deserve them (so you can feel safe) and then, when that gets boring, trying to date the men they are really attracted to but whom they feel anxious around. In your mind, you’re dating “up”, in this case. Of course, these guys sense your fear and begin to pull away, creating a yo-yo effect. You end up with a guy who shows up temporarily to get something, then disappears for awhile.

Patterns come in many shapes and sizes. If yours is creating unhappy, unhealthy relationships, or maybe even keeping men at bay so you feel isolated and never get dates, then the bottom line is this: you haven’t given yourself permission to find the right man yet.

This is SUCH a big mindset shift that many women have touble making the leap and stay stuck in their patterns, but you, being a smart, self-aware woman, have probably sensed at some point that there is something inside you which may be getting in the way of find a lasting relationship. That does not mean there is anything wrong with you. Oh, heck no. It doesn’t mean you’re broken, or any other negative thing! In fact, it just means you haven’t yet given yourself permission! And the great news is, it’s entirely within YOUR power to grant that permission.