When Your Belongings Don’t Belong

Antique china cabinetPaul is a 45-year-old former professional football player who has been divorced for 6 years. He was still living in the house he shared with his wife and children. The day he invited me over, I found him standing next to his china hutch looking frustrated.

“What’s wrong with this picture?” he asked. “I’m a 45-year-old single man with a china cabinet!”

His frustration had been building for months. He wanted to sell his house and create a new life for himself, but wasn’t sure how to start. Fortunately his inner wisdom spoke loudly in that first sentence. There was such a disconnect between the china cabinet and his vision of himself that the cabinet was actually holding far more than crystal goblets and charger plates. It was anchoring him to his past.

That day we wrapped and boxed years of tableware, dusted away layers of stagnant energy, and posted the cabinet for sale. Within weeks, Paul sold his house to the first couple who saw it and moved into not only a new place, but a new mental and emotional space.

We’ve all heard similar stories, yet we’re slow to apply them to ourselves. Our belongings are too familiar, too dear, or too insignificant to have an adverse affect on us. Right? And then there’s this fear: if we let go of something that no longer belongs, what will fill the empty space?

You will fill it…with your energy, your imagination, your resourcefulness, your creativity. No matter what that looks like in form, letting go will always bring you closer to your essence.

Try this exercise: knowing that everything is made of energy, and that energy must be either positive or negative, take a fresh look at some of your things and ask “Does this detract from or add to the highest vision I have for myself?”

You deserve to be supported by all things, be they mighty or minute. You owe it to yourself to be discerning about what you allow into your physical space.

So throw out the chipped plate, the ratty sweater, or the piece of art that reminds you of him. Align yourself with whatever mirrors your beauty and grace. That’s where you belong.