Are your words telling the truth about you?

The phrase Words Have Power  on a BlackboardIn a recent session, Danny told me about an exchange with his doctor. They were reviewing the results of some routine tests when his doctor said, “Everything looks good, for now.”

Danny immediately stopped the doctor and asked her to say that sentence without the pessimistic qualifier. “Let’s say everything looks good. Period.”

He might not have felt the weight of those last two words — for now — if he had not decided to take charge of his story. Since tuning into the energy of not only his own language, but the language others use to describe him, Danny has taken a powerful step in authoring the life of HIS choice. I love this example of story-shifting because it shows how quickly we can become aware of unexamined agreements.┬áDanny has just started revising his own scripts through our ‘Rewrite Your Life’ sessions, and already he is seeing how easy it is to be pulled into a story of someone else’s choosing. Those six letters, tacked on almost as an afterthought, had enormous potential to create fear and doubt.┬áBut by speaking up and insisting on the highest, most positive energy for himself, Danny left feeling empowered and joyful. He intentionally focused only on the doctor’s good news and was able to expand into a sense of well being.

Our words create our experiences. How carefully are you choosing yours?