As Within, So Without

-If you want a golden rule that will fit (1)

If I were to walk through your home, what story would I create about you based on your things?

I worked with a woman whose home was filled with thrift store “steals.” Everything was cheap and used. Not surprisingly, she was struggling with low self-esteem. She described herself as feeling “second-best” and didn’t understand why men used her, then “threw her away.”

This woman happened to have the lovely and enviable trait of seeing the good in all people and things. She brought a joyful, childlike wonder to her relationships and belongings. But she wasn’t acknowledging this unique quality in herself.

When she allowed herself to see the true value of her loving nature, and how priceless and special it makes her, she no longer had to prove herself by loving every cast-off or broken trinket that crossed her path. She realized that it was okay to want nice things; it didn’t diminish her gift of finding beauty and value in all things.

“As within, so without” is a philosophical principle that says our thoughts and beliefs will be reflected in our environment. That can be a daunting notion, or simply a gentle reminder about the interconnectedness of everything. And a reminder that we are all powerful creators.

So as you sit in your living room tonight, or clear your dining room table for dinner, or rifle through a junk drawer looking for a pen, ask yourself what you are creating. Do you like what you see? How accurately does your home reflect the person you are here to be?