What touched your heart today?

Rex and puppyMy friend Rex got this sweet little puppy for his 10th birthday. His reaction? He put one hand on his heart, one hand on his solar plexus, and exclaimed in delight.

This speaks so powerfully to the source of our joy, and I love that children instinctively honor this in their bodies and their energy.

In December I will be focusing on children — what we can teach them about intuition, self-esteem, self-care, and loving kindness, and, maybe more importantly, what they can teach us! ¬†Where can we awaken to our most spontaneous and free-spirited selves? Where can we rekindle our own sense of childlike wonder?

I can’t wait to share inspirations, meditations, conversations starters, and giveaways around this theme of children! My hope is that you’ll find something useful to share with your own children, or to pass along to other parents.

So let’s begin this holiday season with gratitude for the little lightbringers in our lives as they show us how to reconnect to our hearts. May we all awaken Christmas morning in our natural state of childlike joy:)