The Creative Kick in the Pants You Need (You’re Welcome)

On a recent drive to Michigan, I passed the time by listening to author Elizabeth Gilbert being interviewed on the podcast “On Being.” She was talking about the creative process and said the same words that I’ve read on the back cover of her new book, Big Magic:

“The work wants to be made, and it wants to be made through you.”

I admit, I teared up.

Writing Tip #12: The Five-Step Blog Blueprint

Break it down!

Feeling overwhelmed by an idea that you can’t seem to wrangle onto the page? Try this 5-Step Blueprint when writing your blog:

Writing Tip #10: Make Your Message Like a Lifesaver Candy

Think of your blog message as a Lifesaver Candy!

Writing Tip #9: Write It As It Is

I’m often amazed how easy it is to tell a story to someone else, but the minute we switch into writing mode, the same story dies on the page. Writing too often equals overthinking. This morning I was coaching my client Katie and we were both caught in this trap. She had an interesting story to use for her blog. As we worked on it together we kept getting lost in “crafting” sentences

Writing Tip #8: Tell The Story You Don’t Want To Tell

Tell the story you don’t want to tell.
Not that one.
The real one. The one that makes you blush. Or cringe. Or quake.
Go for the jugular.
Write the moment you f**ked up.
Or the instant your life changed.

Writing Tip #7: Terminal Prepositions

Terminal prepositions. Are they acceptable, or is the “rule” against ending a sentence with a preposition outdated? A Merriam-Webster editor clears up the confusion.

Writing Tip #6: Finding Your Message (Hint: Just Listen!)

Write about what’s really happening with you, not the polished version of what you wish were the truth. How do you know what that is?

Writing Tip #5: Story Is Everything

Story is everything! Begin your blog, article, newsletter, whatever you’re writing, with a personal story. Watch this short video to find out why.

Writing Tip #4: Read Work Aloud

In my last class on “Crafting an Inspirational Blog” I asked how many of the participants read their writing out loud as part of the editing process.

The answer? None.

Am I the only one who stands at the head of my dining room table and delivers my prose to an imaginary crowd of fans? I’m kidding– I don’t do that. But I do read a finished piece aloud before I send it into the world and you should too.

Writing Tip #3: Words To Avoid

Words to avoid in your writing:
SO: used as an intensifier, “so” can often have the opposite effect, making your adjectives less punchy. So, don’t strive to be so clever. Just be clever.

VERY: should be used very, very sparingly. In fact, see if you can give it the week off in your writing. It’s very tired of holding up words that are strong enough to support themselves.