Love Potion #9

Try this love elixir this month to chase away colds — no more passing germs to your sweetie!

Giving Broccoli the Finger!

If you had told me 15 years ago, before I had kids, that feeding them a balanced diet would be my biggest challenge, I would not have believed it. Sibling rivalry? Too much TV? Bad grades? I was prepared for all of that. But seeing a lone stalk of broccoli or stray leaf of spinach with the power to send kids screaming, nearly igniting World War 3, has had me waving the white flag. I finally realized that the focus had to be on empowering my kids; it was time for the command to change hands.

In my house we talk often about the power of our hands. As an energy medicine practitioner, I encourage my kids to tune into the energy of their food, their thoughts, and their bodies. I want them to experience the subtle shifts that can be detected by the palms as a result of simply “activating” them through intention.

My Children’s Book Funded on Kickstarter!

It’s so exciting to have this book funded in just 2 weeks, and it’s all thanks to you! I’m so grateful for the amazing support. LET’S KEEP IT GOING! Why overfund? As those who work with energy know, like attracts like, and good snowballs into better. Everyone loves a winner, and the satisfaction that comes with being part of a success story feels pretty good too. In this case, more money means fees and rewards are easily covered, and promotional materials can be produced, but more importantly, it makes the second book in the series possible.