7 Secrets To Being A Loved One

The title of my first book, Hello Loved Ones, comes from an “endearment “ used casually by the father of the narrator when he comes home drunk after long unexplained absences. He tosses these words at his children, who are starved for his attention, before leaving them again. The novel looks at the importance of love in action and questions whether love is determined by blood or by choice.

A Course in Miracles teaches that love is always a choice and that, in fact, nothing exists except the choice between love and fear.

‘Hello Loved Ones’ Video Trailer

“Hello Loved Ones,” a novel by Tammy Letherer

I’ve finally finished my video trailer! It’s just over a minute… a mere blip to most, but representing a huge learning curve for me. It was fun (kinda), after I worked out most of the kinks. Most all the footage was shot in and around Holland, Michigan. I […]

The Requirements of Being a Loved One

I’ve thought a lot about the words ‘hello loved ones,’ and I’m so happy that it’s evolved to be not only a more fitting title for my novel, but also to include you, my readers.

Fiction: Hello Loved Ones

It’s 1968 in Holland, Michigan, and Sally Van Sloeten wants to know why her father doesn’t love her. Her mother, sister, and brother call her dad a deadbeat and never want to see him again, but Sally vows to find him in time for a Father/Daughter banquet, even if it means running away with a gas station attendant named Cash. She doesn’t care that her brother Lenny was arrested for breaking Cash’s nose. She won’t let Lenny’s explosive temper stand in her way, and she’s too preoccupied to wonder what has him so angry. All she knows is that she has to be like the other girls, whether it’s at the banquet or in the front seat of Cash’s car. But as Sally realizes her dream, her mother reveals a painful secret that sends her spinning out of control.