Stuck in the Middle Again

where we put a periodI just finished working with a wonderful story coach named Pat. We spent a month together shaping and defining my upcoming book. Pat was a pro about finding the arc of the story—the only hitch was that what I called the end, she said was the middle.

Ugh. Anyone who has tackled a long-term project knows that the last thing you want to hear is that you’re halfway there!

I didn’t want to write about my dad dying—too painful, or about the long overdue breakup with a boyfriend—too  embarrassing. My plan was to summarize these things and then neatly wrap the book up. I didn’t want to wade into all that messiness. There’s enough messiness around my divorce, I argued.

Pat helped me see the truth: that It’s easier to write about Dave’s “failures” than my own. The bigger truth, of course, is that there are no failures, only people doing the best they can.

There’s a great saying that goes “don’t compare your beginning with someone else’s middle.” I would add: if you’re stuck in the middle, don’t fear that it’s the end of you.

Extending my story to include more than I’d intended hasn’t been as scary as I thought it would be. In fact, being able to see the larger picture (Thank you Pat) has only served to remind me that there is always a divine plan in place.

My next step is to submit my book proposal to Hay House by May 1. Won’t you help me hold the vision for its success?

I so appreciate your good wishes and will keep you updated.

Until then, write on…