Something’s Gotta Give

A couple of months ago I skipped writing a blog because I was writing a script for a client about how important blogging is. It was one of life’s many ironies.

Then, more recently, I paused my weekly blog for a month to allow space to finish my manuscript, sign my publishing contract, and just breathe.

During this time, I watched one of my favorite movies, Something’s Gotta Give. There are so many things I love about this movie: Diane Keaton’s portrayal of a writer, the way her writing desk overlooks the ocean, the way she cries and laughs out loud as she writes.

But one scene especially intrigues me. When Jack Nicholson’s character says to her, “You are a woman to love,” the expression on her face says it all. Huh? What exactly is that supposed to mean? That he loves her? That she is, in general terms, a lovable sort?

Those moments happen to all of us, when something or someone makes us stop and go huh? Hopefully we wake up to the realization that we’re wasting time being indirect. No more making excuses, we think, or doing things half-assed.

Something’s gotta give.

My moment had to do with this blog. I’ve asked myself, why am I writing this? What’s my priority? And how do I get back to what’s most important to me?

My wonderful coach, Barry Paul Price, once told me about the three-second rule: If you don’t say what you’re thinking and feeling in three seconds, you risk missing the chance to be genuine and present. Waiting longer than that allows doubts or second-guessing to begin.

So I want to answer my own questions about blogging quickly and directly.

I write my blogs as a way to connect to YOU.

YOU are important to me. I like to hear from you and about you. A hello from you makes my day. And when you share your stories with me–over coffee, via email, or through your own writing–I’m over the moon.

I’m especially grateful that you don’t mind my roundabout and sometimes random musings on whatever topic captures my fancy.

You are a reader to love. And by that I mean, I love and appreciate you.

Thank you SO MUCH for your support.

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One thought on “Something’s Gotta Give

  1. Great hearing from you and with such a timely topic! I’m having my own something’s gotta give moment… I’m looking forward to reading your weekly blog? Newsletter? Do you have both?

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