‘Rewrite Your Life’ Sessions

Shifting the Stories that Limit your Joy


Have you ever given advice and later realized that you were “speaking in your own ear?” The beauty of language is that the words you choose are encoded with all the answers you seek. Somewhere along the line you may have stopped hearing your own inner wisdom. You may use words or phrases that subtly undermine your true essence and desires. You may tell stories that keep you stuck in the past, or operate from scripts that were handed to you long before you knew your own character.

You have the power right now to author your own life.

Do you believe it? Do you know without a doubt that YOU are the the princess in your fairy tale, the hero in your adventure, the ace detective in your mysteries, and the omniscient narrator of your classic tale? YOU are the beginning, middle, and end. It’s true. And if you don’t believe it, why not?

Call me a soul scribe.

Simply put, I act as a sort of human tape recorder. Through intuitive listening and an ability to hear how you speak your energy, I transcribe the messages that you are already expressing. On a deeper level, I want to hear your soul speak. In the same way a writer needs a fresh pair of eyes to edit her work, we all need loving, finely-tuned ears to be heard on a deep level. And when your own words are reflected back to you in a new way, amazing transformation is possible.

Our story begins…

With a reality check, or an assessment of your whole self. We’ll rate your satisfaction with your physical health, your mental and emotional bodies, and your spiritual life. From there, we’ll work together to:

  1. Identify energy leaks or blocks in any area of your life.
  2. Edit your story until it reflects who you really are.
  3. Rewrite this chapter of your life to allow your essence to shine.
  4. Empower you with an action plan that will restore you to grace and ease.

No matter where you live, we can connect online or via the phone.

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Are you in the Chicagoland area?

Contact me to schedule an in-person session. I am also available for on-site support to help get you from talking to doing.

This includes:

  • clearing, decluttering, and organizing of your physical environment
  • refreshing and redecorating your space
  • task management
  • hands-on Healing Touch sessions


Success Stories: In Their Own Words…

“I recently had my first session with Tammy and found her to be a worthy and intuitive guide. She listened intently and provided a loving and accepting environment in which to share my struggles and challenges. I found her input and questions to be nurturing, insightful, and thought provoking. As a result of our session and the follow-up, I experienced some profound changes in my outlook and thoughts. Not only were the suggestions and feedback immensely helpful, but the energy that was transferred during the session continues to have a miraculous effect. Tammy helped to define some foundational concepts and actionable mind/energy shifts that are guiding my thoughts in a much more self-loving and supportive manner.”

—M. Porter, Chicago, IL

“I have had several sessions with Tammy that have included hands-on energy work, angel card readings, and intuitive counseling. I’ve learned to mindfully set my intentions (one goal was to travel more, and opportunities have fallen in my lap!) and to bring my energy back to myself in relationships that leave me depleted. I’m more conscious of the words and thoughts I choose, and how those really have an impact on what I’m experiencing. Working with Tammy has been wonderfully eye-opening! “

—S. Thompson, Holland, MI

“I meet with Tammy for Healing Touch every week as a way to support my health and well-being from a holistic perspective. She has been tremendously helpful in the areas of stress management and pain relief. I am better able to stay joyful, peaceful, and aligned with my life purpose because of my sessions with Tammy.”

—K. Oberlin, Chicago, IL