Is Your Nest Feeling Empty?

is the thing with feathers thatThe birds are back!

I have a bird feeder in my back yard and I recently made some homemade suet for it using bird seed, peanut butter, bacon grease, and Crisco. I was sure I would attract all the best birds and be the hit of the neighborhood. I waited and waited, but no birds came. Maybe they didn’t like what I had to offer, or maybe it was just too cold. I was disappointed.

Have you ever offered yourself in one way or another, only to have nothing happen? Do you ever feel like you’ve done all the right things, scattered all the right seeds, but you’re still waiting for love, or the right career, or a feeling of fulfillment?

This month my focus is on HOME, which includes taking not only an energetic look at our surroundings, but finding new ways to come home to ourselves. I’ve been talking about home in a comfy sense. It’s been about finding beauty, and de-cluttering to make room for our best selves. But the word home can bring up other associations as well, especially in the dead of winter. Home alone. No one’s home. Even the emptiness of an empty nest. Spending too much time at home can lead to feeling stagnant and hopeless.

Emily Dickinson wrote that hope is the thing with feathers that perches in our souls. But let’s face it, there are times when it seems to have flown away and nothing we do is luring it back. How can we be at home with this feeling? How do we feather our nests during this time of waiting?

I believe it takes a strong conviction that our actions are always divinely guided. Plus a complete trust in perfect timing, and sometimes a good dose of patience. Only you know the recipe that’s right for you. Above all, it’s the faith of knowing that the birds will be back.

They always find their way home.