Marilyn’s Love Story

Marilyn sent me this lovely story that illustrates how important it is to ASK — not only for the desires of our hearts, but for guidance when we’re in doubt and fear:

There is no fear in love.

My smile on Christian Mingle caught his attention. His profile intrigued me.

The next few weeks were filled with 3-hour phone conversations between Alabama and Tennessee, and several days of in-person time, but I was determined not to fall for Terry quickly. I continuously critiqued everything he said – emotionally, intellectually, spiritually, and even humorously. Yet our commonalities began to draw me in and my emotional wall began to crumble.

Confused, one evening I raised my arms and prayed out loud – simply,  plaintively, “God, I need help!  I don’t know what to do!”

The next afternoon, in the middle of a conversation with Terry, my brain in full analytical mode as I listened to him, I was startled by a voice interrupting my thoughts:

“Marilyn, if this is not what you’re looking for, then just what IS it you’re looking for?!”

Those exact words!  So clear I’ll never forget them!

Terry’s voice faded as I silently responded:  Well, everything about him feels like a great match, but I really want to find a man my own age (65), not nearly six years older. I worry too much about declining health and a shorter life expectancy. But, yes, you’re right, he really is what I’m looking for in every aspect that’s truly important to me.

At that moment my fear dissolved and I made a decision that I sealed that evening with a kiss.

Within ten weeks of Terry’s “give me a chance” response to my smile, we signed a contract to build a home in Tennessee. Crazy? Our friends thought so! We, however, feel like we’ve each been given a gift beyond anything we’ve previously experienced.