Let Beauty Interrupt Your Day

You richly deserveto beliving in beautyThis summer my kids and I rented a cottage near Lake Michigan. The location was a beauty, but the interior was barren and plain. Never mind the mattresses on the floor, the leaky shower, the empty cupboards, or the dirty, crooked window blinds. As we told each other, it was a step up from camping, and we could make the best of it. We had fun playing badminton, walking to the cafe for coffee, and swimming at the beach.

So I wasn’t sure why, the next morning, I felt unusually uneasy and unsettled. As I stood in the tiny living room and looked around, it hit me: there wasn’t a single moment of beauty within those four walls. As a Taurus, I know I like pretty things. I’m drawn to order, symmetry, and good design. But I’d never realized before that beauty is more than a preference. It’s a need. I felt the lack of it on a physical and energetic level.

Moments of beauty are so easy to create. They are a gentle caress across your line of vision. They can be a pop of your favorite color, or the pattern of leaves that appears on your wall as the sun sets.

God is in the details, and the details combine to have a tangible effect on our spirits. Could aligning the items on your desk align you more closely with God? Perhaps. Maybe the position of things doesn’t matter as much as your purposeful attention to them. Look for loveliness. Fill your space with moments of beauty and be present to the beauty you see. It’s a wonderful way to nourish and feed your soul.

One thought on “Let Beauty Interrupt Your Day

  1. If the universe is organized in the way that metaphysicians and quantum mechanics claim, that being that everything is connected and everything is a part of everything else then beauty must exist where ever we look regardless of how ugly the circumstance might seem on the surface.

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