Just a Thought: A Rhyme on Writer’s Block

This poem was written by my friend Vince Reidsma, who has been penning rhymes for the Holland Sentinel every week for 27 years!


It seems to me

These poems come in spurts,

Oft time they flow,

Many times it hurts.


Sometimes they come

While driving the car;

Must stop, write them down

Before trav’ling too far.


Words and phrases

Swirling through my head,

Events of the day,

As I pillow my head.


But tonight I’m stuck,

I’m feeling quite small,

Ev’rything I try

Just hits the wall.


Coffee doesn’t help,

Perhaps, maybe a prayer,

Though tonight it seems

They get lost in the air.


“Lord, help me please,

“It’s not too much to ask,

“Give me a theme,

“Help me finish this task!”


Can’t borrow from the past,

I’ve done that before

And my notes are piling up

At my feet, on the floor.


I’ll write down some words

Then scribble them out;

Ideas just don’t come,

What’s this all about?


They give me this column

But tonight it’s a curse,

Can barely come up

With a single verse.


I’m running out of room,

I’ve used up my night,

Something better come soon,

I need something to write.


“I’m not asking for much,

“Long and hard I’ve fought,

“Lord give me something,

“Please, Just a Thought.”



“Don’t talk too much. You keep putting your foot in your mouth. Be sensible and turn off the flow. When a good man speaks, he is worth listening to, but the words of fools are a dime a dozen.”  Proverbs 10:19-20 The Living Bible

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