Flowers For The Asking

Just find something to love, and allA few days ago, my friend Mark was feeling depressed and decided to stop at Trader Joe’s and buy himself some flowers. When he told the woman at the check-out why he needed flowers, she insisted on buying them for him.

Random act of kindness? Sure.

But it’s also a reminder that asking begins as an inner dialogue. Mark asked himself,  “What do I need to feel more loved and supported today?”

When we focus on the art of asking, this has to be the first, and most important, question. Because if we don’t know how to honor our own needs, we’re not likely to have our requests met by others.

Mark wasn’t expecting anything from  the cashier when he shared that he was feeling down. He had already asked and answered his own request for self-care. The generosity he experienced was simply a reflection of his own generous heart.

Is there anything your heart is asking for today? Can you practice receiving by giving something to yourself?