Are You Declaring Your Desires?

You must askfor what you really

When I was working as an intuitive healer at a spa in Chicago, most of the people who came in wanted angel card readings. I began each session by asking “What area of your life would you most like to see improved? Where do you need some clarity?”

Even when the client answered ‘career’ or ‘finances,’ the cards often pointed toward romantic relationships. I love that about oracle cards — they speak to what’s on our hearts, whether we admit it or not. Digging further, I’d discover that the real question was: will I be loved?

Often there was a sheepishness or  hesitancy around admitting this most basic, burning doubt and desire.

Author Katherine Woodward Thomas talks about making a bold declaration that you are ready to receive love. She did just that when she was in her 40s by announcing that she would be married by her next birthday (and she was). The Law of Attraction teaches that the first step in manifesting your desires is to ask.

Asking doesn’t mean talking or whining to your friends about your love life. Asking for love begins with admitting to yourself that you want it. It’s a conversation that begins quietly, inside your heart, and grows into a powerful and faithful dialogue with your higher power.

Asking also doesn’t mean that you’re weak or ungrateful. Strong, independent women sometimes feel it’s not “ok” to want a partner. For spiritual women, asking for a partner may feel like they’re not accepting God’s will. Katherine jokes that she once believed, “God made the mountains, God made the seas, and God made me to be single.”

The truth is that God made you to be happy, and you get to clarify what that means.

In my upcoming book, Real Time Wreck, I begin with an Amy Lowell poem:

I ask but one thing of you, only one, that always you will be my dream of you…

I describe how I was living in a dream when my husband asked for a divorce. I believed I had attained all the basics of a good life, but I was asleep to the voice of my soul. I had no problem asking things of my husband, but didn’t dare ask myself the hard questions: What makes me happy? What is my purpose and am I living it? Life woke me with all the gentleness of a car bomb.

You must ask. You must awaken to the knowing that you deserve to have whatever your heart longs for.

Won’t you share a desire of your heart? Declare it here; I have a very good imagination and I would love to hold your vision with you. (Or email me privately at

Don’t go back to sleep. Love awaits!