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My services include:

Story Development

  • 8 weeks to develop a 10-page outline of your book

Managing the Manuscript

  • choose from a 3 or 6-month contract to refine, edit, and finish your first draft

Monthly Writing Coaching 

  • ongoing support for all levels and stages of progress; includes one 60-minute phone session per week

Better Blogging 

  • weekly sessions to help you write at least 4 blogs per month


Let’s work together to bring the true you to the page!

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In my Behind the Blog section, I share examples of how I apply—and sometimes don’t apply— my 5-Step Blog Blueprint in my own blogs. I also give you an inside look at the inspiration and challenges involved in putting an idea on the page.

Follow these links to read the finished blog, followed by a closer look at the craft.


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 Oh Deer! A Gentle Reminder from an Animal Totem



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