Behind the Blog


Behind the Blog gives you examples of how I apply—and sometimes don’t apply— my 5-Step Blog Blueprint in my own blogs. I also give you an inside look at the inspiration and challenges involved in putting an idea on the page.

Follow these links to read the finished blog, followed by a closer look at the craft.

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Use “The 3 Gates of Speech” When Writing Memoir

 Oh Deer! A Gentle Reminder from an Animal Totem


The 5-Step Blog Blueprint


Paragraph 1: Lead with the story, the hook, the personal, specific part. Think of sitting down with a friend and saying, “Wait until you hear what happened to me….”

Paragraph 2: Give the message; deliver the nugget of gold. In one sentence, what is the point you are making?

Paragraph 3: Pull back the lens and generalize; broaden the message to include others, not just you; quote experts, or support your message with additional material.

Paragraph 4: Circle back to your lead story. What part of your opening story or anecdote stayed with you? How did you apply the lesson from paragraph 2? (This step is optional and may not always fit, but it’s a nice way to reinforce your point.)

Paragraph 5: End with a call to action, a question, or even an open-ended thought-starter.


(Download the Blueprint PDF here)