Do you want to write in order to inspire or connect with others?

You’re in the right place. I’m here to help put the TRUE YOU on the page.

And, if you’re ready to be true to yourself and your stories, you qualify to become a loved one.

( Hello Loved Ones is the title of my novel, a coming-of-age story set in Holland, Michigan in 1968. More here.)


What is a loved one?


It’s someone who:

  • likes to inspire and be inspired.
  • Feels called to serve and share.
  • Chooses to be seen and heard, to have a voice. (You’re done letting others choose for you!)
  • Not only wants to tell or write beautiful stories, but also LIVES bravely and authentically.
  • Makes the commitment to finish that book. Or write that blog.


Does that sound like you? Then we’re made for each other!


Here’s what I write about…


I like to write about intuition, spirituality, synchronicity, and metaphysics—the kind of stuff that would (and does) appear in the GPS For the Soul section of the Huffington Post.

I’m also a mom with a journalism degree and a certification in Healing Touch energy medicine. I practice yoga and take dancing lessons. I watch low-brow TV, sing loudly and off-key, and often try to guilt my kids into eating better.

So I write those things too.

Why should you write?


To find your true self!



Why now?


You know it’s time to start writing. That’s why you’re here. Something bigger is calling to you and that call is finally getting louder than those voices of doubt and resistance. So what’s the reason you’re holding back? (Come on, what’s the REAL reason?)

Now….what’s waiting on the other side of that? How will you feel when you reach your goal?



My promise to you is simple…


Through classes or one-on-one coaching:

  • I will teach you to trust yourself.
  • I will help you deliver your message in a blog or book.


Ready to feel the love?


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Only a butterfly can say how a caterpillar comes to fly…